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  • Selamat Pohan Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara


The importance role of Islamic education in personal life and Cambodian society means that the development of national character must be hold on and rely on a strong foundation of Islamic education. Cambodia is one of the countries with an Islamic minority in Southeast Asia, where according to research data from 2000 – 2022, there are only 300 thousand Muslims in Cambodia. Most of them are from the Cham ethnicity, who is the descendants of the Champa kingdom citizens.

STRATEGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION IN THE STATE OF CAMBODIA AFTER THE POL POT WAR is to increase the development of Islam in Cambodia. Consists of two parts, there are macro educational development strategies and micro educational development strategies.The macro education development strategy consists of three components; the first one is the goal of the Islamic developing education includes the formation about a good person and a good society; Second, the main basis for the development of Islamic education which is the basis of the curriculum; and third; the priority of the action also includes the cooperation with Islamic scholars or Mufti of Cambodia with the Cambodian Government, religious education strengthening , administration and planning, and regional and inter-state cooperation in the Islamic world.

Micro strategy goal is to make a Muslim's personality better by improving the quality of the students' faith by cultivating a spirit of responsibility towards themselves, improving the quality of worship, studying Islamic sciences with proper and correct and following the sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. This is very important to improve because the Muslim population in Cambodia is still very small due to the PoL Pot war in 1975 - 1979 led by the Khmer Rouge Army. Therefore, as an Indonesian, we must also learn about this, and take a lesson of any circumstances.

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