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The utilization of video as a medium in learning jurisprudence represents a progressive approach aimed at meeting students' expectations for a more engaging and informative learning environment. Incorporating media into the learning process can simplify the complexity of the material. The research problem addressed in this study is to investigate the teacher's process of implementing video media and the impact of video media-based learning on students' comprehension levels in jurisprudence. The research methodology employed is descriptive qualitative. Data collection involved triangulation, incorporating interviews, observations, and documentation. The participants in this study were teachers and students from class VII at SMP Darul Falah Cihampelas. Findings indicate that teachers employ video media creatively, thereby enhancing students' understanding and satisfaction throughout the learning process. The integration of videos into fiqh learning yields positive outcomes by enhancing students' grasp of fiqh concepts. However, it is crucial to carefully select appropriate material, ensure optimal duration, and deliver organized instruction to achieve the best learning outcomes.


Keywords: Implementation, Video Media, Fikih Learning


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