• Abdulloh Rifqi Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim
Keywords: Integration, Ibnu Rusyd, Filsafat


In the modern era, religious science is seen as a different thing because it is considered something unscientific. Modern man began to be at the point of positivism so as to deny things that could not be proven empirically. A long with the development of technology, empirical knowledge outperformed rational knowledge. In fact, the doctrine of belief in God began to be abandoned by the world community and turned to scientific knowledge. Unlike the classical Islamic period which brought general sciences along with religion. This article aims to analyze the integration of Ibn Rushd’s religion and philosophy. The research method used is literature study, with historical-critical-philosophical approach and descriptive-analytical analysis. The result is that 1) The source of philosophy is man, who in this case is a sound human mind and heart and strives hard and earnestly to seek the truth and finally obtain the truth. 2) The concept of integration of science is seen in the relationship between normativity (‘ilm al-yaqin/bayani) and history(‘ain al-yaqin/burhani), which is like a coin (currency) with two surfaces. 3) An integrated relationship between religion and science will have an impact on increasing insights that include more science and religion so that both can work together actively.


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Rifqi, A. (2024). INTEGRASI AGAMA DAN FILSAFAT IBNU RUSYD. HUMANISTIKA : Jurnal Keislaman, 10(1), 132-141.
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